Publications by type

Journal papers

Brooks, N. 2012. Beyond collapse: climate change and causality during the Middle Holocene Climatic Transition, 6400-5000 years before present (BP). Geografisk Tidsskrift-Danish Journal of Geography 112(2): 93-104. Full text (free at publisher’s website).

Sejersen, F., Hastrup, K., Brooks, N., Widgren, M., Vang Rasmussen, L. and Borg Rasmussen, M. 2012. Environmental history and the understanding of causal relations.
Geografisk Tidsskrift-Danish Journal of Geography 112(2): 203-205. Full text (free at publisher’s website).

Brooks, N., Brown, K. and Grist, N. 2009. Development Futures in the Context of Climate Change: challenging the present and learning from the past. Development Policy Review 27, 741-765. Download pdf.

Brooks, N., Clarke, J., Garfi, S. and Pirie, A. 2009. The archaeology of Western Sahara: results of environmental and archaeological reconnaissance. Antiquity 83: 1-17. Download pdf.

Brooks, N. 2006. Cultural responses to aridity and increased social complexity in the Middle Holocene. Quaternary International 151, 29-49. Download pdf (324 kb).

Brooks, N., Clarke, J., Crisp, J., Crivellaro, F., Jousse, H., Markiewicz, E., Nichol, M., Raffin, M., Robinson, R., Wasse, A. and Winton, V. 2006. Funerary sites in the “Free Zone”: Report on the second and third seasons of fieldwork of the Western Sahara Project. Sahara 17, 73-94.  Download pdf (2.1 Mb)

Brooks, N. 2005. Cultural heritage and conflict: The threatened archaeology of Western Sahara. The Journal of North African Studies 304, 413-439. Download pdf.

Brooks, N., Adger, W. N. and Kelly, M. 2005. The determinants of vulnerability and adaptive capacity at the national level and the implications for adaptation. In Adger, W. N., Arnell, N. and Tompkins, E. L. (Eds.) Global Environmental Change Part A 15, 151-162. Download pdf.

Brooks, N., Di Lernia, S., Drake, N. Chiapello, I., Legrand, M., Moulin, C. and Prospero, J. 2005. The environment-society nexus in the Sahara from prehistoric times to the present day. The Journal of North African Studies 304, 253-292. Download pdf.

Jickells, T. D., An Z. S., Andersen, K. K., Baker, A. R., Bergametti, G., Brooks, N., Cao J.J., Boyd, P. W., Duce, R. A., Hunter, K. A., Kawahata, H., Kubilay, N., La Roche, J., Liss, P. S., Mahowald, N., Prospero, J. M., Ridgwell, A. J., Tegen, I. Torres, R. 2005. Global Iron Connections: Desert Dust, Ocean Biogeochemistry and Climate. Science 307, 67-71. Download pdf.

Brooks, N., Di Lernia, S., Drake, N., Raffin, M. and Savage, T. 2003. The geoarchaeology of Western Sahara: Preliminary results of the first Anglo-Italian expedition in the “free zone”. Sahara 14: 63-80. Download pdf (8.2 Mb)

White, K., Brooks, N., Drake, N., Charlton, M. and MacLaren, S. 2003. Monitoring vegetation change in desert oases by remote sensing; a case study in the Libyan Fazzan, Libyan Studies 34, 153-166.

Working papers and published reports

Brooks, N. and Fisher, S. 2014. Tracking Adaptation and Measuring Development: A Step-by-Step Guide. IIED Technical Report, December 2014. (

Brooks, N. 2014. Using wellbeing indicators and climate information to assess adaptation effectiveness. IIED Briefing, December 2014. (

Brooks, N. 2014. Indicators for the monitoring and evaluation of adaptation. IIED Briefing, December 2014. (

Brooks, N., Anderson, S., Burton, I., Fisher, S., Rai, N. and Tellam, I., 2013. An operational framework for Tracking Adaptation and Measuring Development (TAMD). IIED Climate Change Working Paper No. 5. (Available from

Brooks, N., Anderson, S., Ayers, J., Burton, I. and Tellam, I. 2011. Tracking Adaptation and Measuring Development. IIED Working Paper No. 1, November 2011. IIED, London/Edinburgh. Download pdf.

Risse, N. and Brooks, N. 2008. Strategic Environmental Assessment and Adaptation to Climate Change. DAC Network on Environment and Development Cooperation. OECD. Download pdf.

Brooks, N. 2006. Climate change, drought and pastoralism in the Sahel. Discussion note for the World Initiative on Sustainable Pastoralism, IUCN. Download pdf.

Brooks, N., Nicholls R. and Hall, J. 2006. Sea Level Rise: Coastal Impacts and Responses. Commissioned Expert’s Study for German Advisory Council on Global Change (WBGU): Schubert, R., Schellnhuber, H-J., Buchmann, N., Epiney, A., Grießhammer, R., Kulessa, M., Messner, D., Rahmstorf, S. and Schmid, J. The Future Oceans – Warming Up, Rising High, Turning Sour. WBGU, Berlin, 2006, 110 pages. Download pdfs of expert study and full report.

Brooks, N. 2004. Drought in the African Sahel: long-term perspectives and future prospects. Tyndall Working Paper No. 61. Download pdf.

Adger W. N ., Brooks, N., Kelly, M., Bentham, S. and Eriksen, S. 2004. New indicators of vulnerability and adaptive capacity, Tyndall Centre Technical Report 7. Download pdf.

Brooks, N. 2003. Vulnerability, risk and adaptation: A conceptual framework. Tyndall Centre Working Paper No. 38. Available at:, or download pdf here.

Book chapters

Gerlitz, Y-Y., Banerjee, S., Brooks, N., Hunzai, K. and Macchi, M. 2014. An Approach to Measure Vulnerability and Adaptation to Climate Change in the Hindu Kush Himalayas. In: Filho, W. L. Handbook of Climate Change Adaptation, Springer. (

Brooks, N. 2010. Human responses to climatically-driven landscape change and resource scarcity: Learning from the past and planning for the future. In I. P. Martini and W. Chesworth (eds.) Landscapes and Societies: Selected Cases, pp. 43-66. Springer, Dordrecht, Heidelberg, London, New York, 478 pp. Access chapter via Google Books.

Frankel-Reed, J. Brooks, N., Kurukulasuriya, P. and Lim, B. 2009. A Framework for Evaluating Adaptation to Climate Change. In R. Van Den Berg and O N. Feinstein (eds.) Evaluating Climate Change and Development. Transaction Publishers, New Brunswick, New Jersey, pp. 285-298.

Heyd, T. and Brooks, N. 2009. Exploring cultural dimensions to climate change. In W.N. Adger, I. Lorenzoni and K. O’Brien (eds.) Adapting to Climate Change: Thresholds, Values and Governance, pp. 269-282. Cambridge University Press. Download pdf.

Contributing author to: Boko, M., I. Niang, A. Nyong, C. et al., 2007: Africa. Climate Change 2007: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability. Contribution of Working Group II to the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, M.L. Parry, O.F. Canziani, J.P. Palutikof, P.J. van der Linden and C.E. Hanson, Eds., Cambridge University Press, Cambridge UK, 433-467.

Brooks, N. and Adger, W. N. 2005. Assessing and enhancing adaptive capacity. In B. Lim and E. Spanger-Siegfried (Eds.) Adaptation Policy Frameworks for Climate Change: Developing Strategies, Policies and Measures, pp 165-181. UNDP-GEF. Cambridge University Press.

Brooks, N., Drake, N., MacLaren, S. and White, K. H. 2003. Studies in Geography, Geomorphology, Environment and Climate. In D. J. Mattingly (Ed.) The Archaeology of Fazzan: Volume 1, Synthesis, pp 37-74. Department of Antiquities, Tripoli, and Society for Libyan Studies, London.

Adger, N. and Brooks, N. 2002. Does global environmental change cause vulnerability to natural disaster? In M. Pelling (Ed.) Natural Disasters and Development in a Globalizing World, pp 19-42. Routledge, London.

Brooks, N. and Legrand, M. 2000. Dust variability over northern Africa and rainfall in the Sahel. In S. McLaren and D. Kniveton (Eds.) Linking Climate Change to Land Surface Change, pp 1-25, Dordrecht, Kluwer. Download pdf.


Heyd, T. and Brooks, N. (eds.) 2010. Cultural Dimensions of Climate Change. Special issue of Human Ecology Review, Volume 17, Number 2, Winter 2010.


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