Enjoying some Green SaharaI’m an independent consultant and researcher specialising in climate change. This website provides details about my  consultancy and research, as well as links to other relevant sites and information (including the new address for the Sand & Dust Western Sahara blog, which I write). I also write the occasional blog post here, on topics either directly or indirectly related to my work.

My consultancy work addresses contemporary climate change and adaptation. Most of this work is carried out for organisations involved in international development, and involves climate risk assessment, the integration of climate change considerations into decision-making (mainstreaming), the design and evaluation of adaptation strategies and measures, and training in climate change issues for development professionals. My consultancy work is carried out through Garama 3C Ltd, of which I am a Director.

My research focuses on human adaptation to climate change, and on how past changes in climate may have influenced the development of human societies. I have a particular interest in the period from about 6000 to 5000 years ago, a period that saw the widespread reorganisation of the global climate, and profound changes in human societies. Much of my research work examines the links between climate change and the emergence of large, complex societies (the first “civilisations”) during this period. This work is complemented by fieldwork-based research into past environmental and cultural change in the Sahara, through the Western Sahara Project, a collaborative project with the University of East Anglia, where I am a Visiting Research Fellow.

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